I am following up on the job leads that you have given me - thank you so much.

I will be moving into the FTS Compound (oh our lil commune in the making).

I will be moving the most/emptying the old apt the wknd before RR - so that I will be settled in before RR - I think that is most beneficial to all involved.

I will post details of times/dates of movements of items to storage/FTS as soon as I can sort them out. I appreciate all offers of assistance & will be taking you up on them. I am not requesting that you forgo your own lives/projects to help. I can let you know that I will be out of town Labor Day wknd as planned before all this & then the bulk of the move must take place after the 14th. so the wknd in between I will need help packing & cleaning.

This is all really sudden & still scary for me.

Thank you for the love & support.


Indychick said...

Wish I could be there to help, but I send my mother's love & the typical Susanisms (which she took from G-ma Alice). "You're a strong woman & you'll get through this"; "That which does not kill you...blah, blah, blah" & my favorite "Everything happens for a reason, even if it's not clear why right now".

Whatever, it doesn't necessarily make you feel better, but it's true, & it's nice to hear. I remember, I've been there. When you get your new address, let us know, so we can send some essentials.

Have fun on your trip! LOVE YOU!!

Jezcabelle said...

Much love back & I appreciate the Susanisms & G-ma Alicisms - seriously.