Let it never be said

That I am not a big softie.  Seriously I am curled up w/ chai (hint of cayenne to warm me) - and watching last night's er.  I know that Anthony Edwards is an actor, hell I know he is Goose, he has been on interviews all this last few weeks leading up to this show.  I knew to expect him, my precious Dr Greene.  I teared up when he showed up on screen.  I heard the strains of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in my ears despite the music on the screen.  In the episode he was actively getting chemo yet working - just like my dad did.  I'm full on crying right now.  tears flowing freely - way less to do with the kids on screen than with Dr Greene & the memory of his death on the show & how it intertwined w/ my father's death in real life.  So much the same and yet so different.  I remember watching little corners of my life & the things our family went thru being played out on screen so long ago.  So many "last years" spent together.  Apparently I am made of soft.

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