I'm up

And it is still dark out.  Wes showed up @ my door at midnight - I was asleep i barely woke up enough to let him in.  So happy I didn't have to get dressed & would be warmed after that blast of cold air.  I wasn't awake enough for words.  we just curled up to sleep.  Right now he is curled up around me sound asleep - he makes these lil murmurring noises periodically.  So sweet.  Reason #3784 why I love him: he doesn't read this - he had no clue how much i really have been craving to be touched.  I've missed him & his magical ability to wrap himself around me like a human blanket w/o making me feel smothered.  I know he showed up for himself but I appreciate his treatment of me.  It is so rare that I am awake before him - I'm going to make some chai & throw in a movie & watch him sleep for a few hours.  And just enjoy his sweet soft flesh today - I'm thinkin I want a rubdown later if he's willing.  You know I have no idea why he is in town at all.  

***Note: from now on if you show up @ my place unannounced I expect the usual offerings of cheesecake &/or booze AND I want to know why you are here in the first 5 mins - I'm too freakin accepting of those I love.

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