Rough week

I am a wreck - on the upside gua sha was done to my upper back in the midst of my acupuncture today so the pic is one i found that shows what my back looks like - it feels bruised but looser - I'm emotionally drained & weeping bits & pieces. I'm hoping this weekend will be renewing & fun - I need some human love, companionship. I need to not be alone for a while. Though my lower back still feels better from just the acupuncture this afternoon - yay.

I can't talk about all things going on right now - but let me just say that it is a lot & I can't wait to brunch on Monday w/ Jules & Kate. mmmm margaritas of love.

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Catzia said...

Boo to bruises.
Yay to feeling looser.
Boo to aloneness.
Yay to margaritas of love.