Fuck NBC

I know that we are stuck with them for Olympic coverage.  I sat with family on Friday night 8.8.08 and I loved spending time with them.  I'll speak on that later - watching the opening ceremony was breathtaking & as a grown up I know about the time difference & the fact that it had happened almost a day earlier.  I know that it was NOT live television.  I am pissed that as I watched it struck me that something was wrong - shots of the infield were instantaneously different, one sec full the next empty, then full again.  On the broadcast the US walked in 3rd to last.  In reality they walked in 139th.  Commercials were brand new, saved for the event.  The ridiculously lame announcers constantly stated the reasons for the non-alphabetical order.  I'm just pissed that they then used the excuse to further fuck with the order.  I know, I know I'm elitist scum, I am far more interested in reality.  I think half the point to the games for me is reality.  The Russian and Georgian shooters hugging, the breaking of records, the beauty of seeing the things the human body is capable of achieving.  The broadcast of the opening ceremonies was awesome artistically; just breathtaking.  

Fuck you NBC for lying to me.  Fuck you for lying to make money.  Fuck you for lying to everyone else too.  I'm not a lot but I won't be spending my money on anyone I catch advertising on you.  So fuck you.

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Indychick said...

That being said...if you watched tonight than you probably witnessed the AMAZING high bar performance by our Men's Gymnastics team. I actually applauded in my nearly empty restaurant & shouted out loud. The last two young men had flawless(not nearly flawless) FLAWLESS performances with some of the most difficult moves I have ever seen...AND they NAILED their landings. So, WHAT THE FUCK, was that score about??? I was under the impression that the new scoring system was created to prevent this scoring based on politics. Nevertheless, the young man fron China, who stumbled TWICE on his landing & didn't have nearly as difficult a routine, scored a full point higher than either young man from the China a 1.5 point lead going into the final event. BULLSHIT!!! I am very proud of our Men's team and a Bronze medal is still quite good considering the competition. They should be very proud of themselves. However, they were cheated out of a Silver by the ridiculous score on high beam, and hurt their chances @ Gold with the slip on the pummel horse. One could easily see the anger & frustration on their faces at the scoring, but it was overshadowed by the pride and enthusiasm they showed when realizing they had won the bronze. WAY TO GO USA MEN!!!