Oh the truth of us

I'll spare you details but I finally watched the Dr Who finale today. Umm... Oh my. I love the Dr. This will not change but i now fully accept that I will love the series & want to kill over the finales. It is as simple as the rest of my loves. Eccleston over Tennant, Martha over any of the rest of the companions & Capt Jack over all of them. I love John Barrowman. All I can safely say is that I hated the things they did. REALLY HATED THEM. Finale made me want to cut the cheek of every writer & person who oked the finale. So all will know that they fucked up & should never be allowed to work in tv again.

***Ira et al: write a new comment if you want me to post it - I've carefully avoided spoilers in the post & I need you to do the same in the comments right now.
-Love you.

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