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Seras Victoria

Police Girl

Seras was originally a police officer who, along with the rest of her squad, was sent into Cheddar Village, where a vampire disguised as (or possibly was formerly) a priest had taken control of the town and turned its inhabitants into ghouls (zombies). Taken hostage by that vampire, who used her as a human shield, she was given a "choice" by Alucard after shooting her through the lung in order to kill the vampire: she could either die as a human, or be turned into a vampire herself, and live. She chose to live, and so Alucard turned her into a vampire, her virgin blood allowed her to successfully make the transition from human to vampire (non-virgin or same-sex vampire victims become ghouls). She was employed by the Hellsing Organisation immediately afterwards. Seras is a strong willed woman, and apparently had always been since childhood which is confirmed through her flashbacks.

Alter ego: Seras Victoria.

Team affiliations: Hellsing, Police.

Notable aliases: Police Girl, Draculina, Mignonette, Kitten.

Abilities: Clairvoyance, superhuman strength, superhuman speed and reflexes, regeneration, skilled fighter and marksman, flight, major shapeshifting since chapter 86.

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