Flyfishing on OKC

You spend time perfecting the lure, every knot perfectly placed, that perfectly expressive profile borne of loneliness, boredom, or just banging around in your box too long and being spat back out onto the street. Every note, every woo you tap into the water, every time you're viewed, a nibble. Every interest a possibility, a future friend, a maybe lover, a partner in the next adventure, maybe just another familiar face on the bus. Sometimes the fish don't bite & no one of interest finds you of interest.

You know what: online dating is not fishing.
Just like relationships are not chess games.
People aren't fish.

I'm just sayin...


My survival does not depend on an ever-widening social circle online. I'm interested in finding a partner to share my exploits and adventures with. I'm interested in waking up next to someone I love. & giggling at the soon-to-be posed Spider Jerusalem riding the avenging unicorn impaling the businessman sitting above the bed. Does this make me childlike w/ glee at the mere thought? - YES.


Anonymous said...

I thought this entry was great. I love the last paragraph about waking up next to someone you love and finding someone to share your exploits and adventures with. Sometimes I really lose sight of what is important (we probably all do) and it's honestly so simple.

On a side note, I'm glad I met Nevin and get to be friends with you, as well.


Jezcabelle said...

This brings joi to my cold lil heart. YAY!!!