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Indychick said...

Creepy...So I just got back from my visit to our nation's capital. I went with my friend Steve. My mother made a point of asking me @ least 3 times if Steve had potential. #1, ewww, I've known Steve way too long. #2-He is the person that was supposed to be my Asst. Mgr a few years back & ran out leaving me NO clue where he was for a year. #3-He's a BUSH supporter to this day, and he's probably going to vote for Romney. Aside from my mother's nosing, it was an awesome trip! Aside from the Republicans, I love D.C., it's my 2nd favorite city. I highly recommend veryone go at least once in their lives. The only really depressing part is that we probably won't ever see the type of leaders that helped form our nation again. Mt. Vernon renewed a deep admiration for General Washington that I had long forgotten. Enough babbling, LOVE YOU!!
P.S.-- While shopping with my friend Michelle I found/bought a coat button/pin that says..."Would someone please give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him already?"