Thought on X-mas Eve alone in the box

I caught the first 10 mins of "Bewitched" & Michael Caine had some brilliant words of wisdom: "I love you is something you say to the one you'd like to go home with at the end of the night, when things get messy you simply say you don't love them anymore."

Oh my, how tru were those words.

How shockingly easy it is for some people to utter the words I love you - even though they have no feelings behind it. They are just empty words.

This is where I harp about how much I hate liars. Men who lie to me in particular. Cowards who wait until 6 months in to let you know that they never loved you to begin with.

I'm not bitter, just hurt. It'll pass - I think it has more to do with my niece asking about Kerry this weekend. And all of the things that I am not allowed to tell her that have nothing to do with him. I have such a hard time denying truth to the little ones.


I am acquiring through perfectly legit means a glass heart necklace. The Gaia version with the drop of blue/green glass in the center. With the outer glass clear it is still anatomically correct & gorgeous. Happy Solstice to me.

I am not unhappy.

I am eating xmas leftovers from this weekend. Watching xmas movies - thanks Nevin. Soaking my feetsies in the footbath - thanks Liz. Before moving on to the paraffin bath - thanks Jeff. Drinking rum that was left here - thanks Kerry.

& I have found company to go with me to Sweeney Todd tomorrow - I can't wait. So much fun.

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Indychick said...

The necklace is beautiful! I just can't say how shocked I was at my new computer. I was moved to tears. I hooked it up all by my tech-handicapped self. The best part about it is it no longer takes me 20 min to sign onto your blog!
Love You,
Merry Chritsmas,
P.S.-Did I tell you I got a dog?