The minute things are interesting...

So Bachelor #1: 2007 appears to be a bust. I was vibing him, apparently he wasn't vibing me. Odd though, there was laughter, sparking, giggling and great eye contact on both sides throughout. And more interesting conversation than I've had in months. Feh. Just sucks, I really enjoyed him. Perhaps we'll float thru eachothers' ranks for a time & sort the rest out.

You know at some point I am going to look into the eyes of someone who wants to not stop looking in my eyes. Someone who actually wants to put in the time to see where the rabbit hole goes. I miss being read by someone capable of stringing the words together and accepting them as they are. Someone who can learn all my secrets, allow me to learn all of his, and can still take a deep breath in eachothers' arms, safe. Not idealized perfection, not fantastical romantic dreams, but reality, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, arguments, insomnia, nightmares, and all. Someone to share those deeper levels that have nothing to do w/ orgasm or physical intimacy at all for that matter. The parts that have far more to do with the nothingness, the wholeness within that we so rarely visit alone, and rarer still open enough to share.

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