Heading up the hill again...

And yes for those of you keeping score - I will be continuing on the whole "my family is like a rollercoaster" track.

So My Sister: She is amazing & wonderful in everyway. We got the news this week that the incidentaloma is maybe not so incidental. It is more dense than the docs would prefer so they are doing more tests and taking more pics of her innards. We are waiting to see what is next, we have 3 options: 1, it is really an incidentaloma - just a lil denser than preferred - no worries all good. 2, it is another GIST and she has a higher chance of recurrence somewhere else in her system. 3, adrenal cancer - BAD, like I am a vindictive evil bitch and on my worst day, even I wouldn't wish it on my most hated foe. It is possible that she may have to have the adrenal gland removed - but you can live with only one - so not the end of the world.

And my stomach is all knotted and I am going to make my doc appts sometime this week so they can stick the cameras in me and make sure things are as they should be.

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