Loong assed nights - at 29º

I hate the cold weather - this is not news. I like snuggling under the layers and layers of comforters - also not news.

But every once in a while I enjoy nights like tonight. I am curled up under the covers, cross stitch project in hand - if you've been around a bit it is the same damned wolf scene I have been working on off and on for freakin ever now. The sky is done and I am 2 colors in to the wolves on the ledge. I am enjoying a light head from the Darvocet. I was taken away to the Westside market today - so much fun - I wish I had the drive to go every week. Mostly I am grateful people showed up to take me out of the house. I digress... I am sipping hot vanilla chai w/ fresh nutmeg, and the cat has given up chasing the thread and is now just purring and sleeping next to me. so pleasant. South Park reruns are on and so I giggle sporadically. Just feels nice. No worries, or at least the suspension of them for just a moment. I like that.

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