It took about 8 months for all of the cowards and victims to be removed from my life last year.  I'm pretty sure that I am currently clean.  I hardly noted their passing.  It feels so good to no longer have a cadre of self-hating synchophants badgering me constantly for my attention, enthusiasm, love, and pitching butthurt fits when I failed to notice or care about their demands.  I feel a drive to develop a Gom Jabbar of sorts for new people I meet - but mostly I've learned to watch more carefully the interactions of people with the perceived power around them.

I spent NYE in Berkeley with Kelly & Woody - as we counted back through the funerals, births, false starts, failures, and triumphs of the past year it felt like home.

I'm not sure what is left to be resolved this year.  I've managed to remain myself paddling through the hot molten crazy around me this year.  Work is wonderful, my living situation is amazing, my health is stellar, and my relationships are pretty phenomenal.  One possible area is to purposefully be more aware of allowing anyone in my life who use me as their "Slappy Dappy". 

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