Feels strange

So much of my old life coming back up - far more than I expected. Moving past the most recent mistake has been hard. On the upside I never have to be kind or polite to his ex the psycho again. i think that is a good phrase for her. Revised rules have been adopted:
1. never fuck crazy.
2. never fuck someone fucking someone else who is crazy - there will be blow back from the crazy one.
3. NEVER accept any excuses for lack of communication; do or do not - there is no try.
4. never ever accept a relationship with a partner who will not acknowledge you in public.
5. Still not dating guys named Mike
6. There are no 3 strikes in lying. walk at the first lie.
7. walk at the first sign of adherence to the path of least resistance.
8. If you find yourself making excuses for their behavior - write it down - edit out the names & make someone read it to you. Decide where to go from there.
9. If they don't have truly close friends, they don't know how to make & keep close friends = RUN.
10. If they have not sorted out their family at this age = RUN.
11. If they have no sense of self worth = RUN.
12. If there is no random communication of rumored desires = something is wrong.
13. If they start comparing your relationship to a chess game = RUN.

Seriously anyone who surrounds themselves with superficial disingenuous relationships is not going to make a good partner.


Indychick said...

Sister, I couldn't have said it better myself

Eslynne said...

Number 8 is ingenious.

*waves hi*

Jezcabelle said...

If i had performed #8 about 3 months earlier it would have spared a lot of stupid.