Is pleased...

I'm actually able to function again. A little, anyway. Feel like last night was transmuting the waters of life. The plans within plans all came clear. All it took was one line. A friend chastising me, knowing only a corner of the story, believing I was being horrible & immature. It all crystallized. It was like the moment our fate was sealed. When Adam & I knew the answer to the question she refused to give. When I fell asleep for the first time in the arms of a man. The bells rang & flames glowed & breaths were held as the universe took note of the choice made @ the turning point. In my muddering, my puddering, my inability to make decisions, to see a path, to sort a way through the underbrush. I was just handed a machete. Hell I was just handed a map, the opposing team's playbook. Sooo much of which was already in front of me. I was just too blind to put it together. The almost audible "snick" as it fell into place.

No worries folks. All will be well shortly. Now that I know what is going on for realsies, not just for guesses, instincts, and inferences.

& Jason, Woody, so we are clear when you call me bout this here lil post. No need for muscle. I feel like gravedancing in my sleep in the very near future. You should join me. I have enough energy to throw into it that we might just raise up some love. I found darkness in the heart of the sunshine, got blinded by the light of the moon.

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