A Love Letter to my friends

Dearest friends,

I love you for accepting me the way that I am. For allowing me to change & grow but not labeling me or putting me into a static box. You respect me & the hard choices I make. You treat me with respect, answer when I call, come when I need, aren't afraid to expect the same from me.

I love you. I love the ways you trust me. The truths you tell me. For calling me on my bullshit & reminding me when I'm staring at the line just how far I am from it. For loving me when I call you on your bullshit. For helping me to be honest to myself.

I love you for believing in me & supporting me in every imaginable way. Regardless of the situation, you help me process, to see all sides. You listen to me & tell me what you think & give me the freedom to make my own mistakes while still supporting me as myself.

The support you've given in the last few months has been immeasurable. You've kept me sane, kept me here, kept me in one solid piece. Without you...(insert ridiculously sappy Rent lyrics here)

For singing songs beside the graves, for touch, for understanding, for compassion, for talks til 0400 that never seem to end and yet have just begun, for laughter, for tears, for warming me better than a hot tub, for cooling better than the cold side of the pillow.

Thank you.

I've been writing that for weeks now - I feel it is as ready as it can be - of course - there is sooo much more.


Indychick said...

How appropriate that you posted this note on Alice's birthday. I was thinking about this just yesterday, as she passed away on the 10th, & remembering how hard it was dealing with that while living all alone in Northern Michigan.

I would never have made it through that time without you & Michelle to talk to @ the worst times. The 3am phone calls, remembering coming home @ 3 from work & she'd be waiting up, with some kind of midnight snack, so we could chat.

Nothing gets you through the hardest times in your life like true friends...Thanks, & we love you too

Jezcabelle said...

I didn't even realize - I loved grandma Alice too. I remember coming to Toledo in the sleet to see u & fam @ the viewings - so much love. Thank you.