Oh the beginning it shall be - one bright day last March Froggy & Tyger invited me to tag along to a Recycled Rainbow meeting. This was after I had been threatening her all week that I was going to bring over my paraffin bath & force her to use it on her lil hands. Not because I am a Dom but because I want everyone I care about to be healthy & whole. The Plan - plug in bath, go to meeting, get food, dip body parts & watch movies. The Reality - plugged in bath, went to meeting, fell in adoration w/ the concepts being bandied about, went for food - ended up at afterparty/mixer @ Everyman/DG's place, had an amazing time. & from there it grew. Everyman took it upon himself to invite me to Tuesday Teatime & I have been in attendence ever since. I enjoy the people & the vibe. I've kvetched more than enough that I have been long absent from the poets & artists. & I've found some. A few smokers in the lot but I love them anyway & they are utterly respectful of the fact that I want nothing to do w/ the vile cigarette smoke. But passions & fury are so nice to be near whether they match my own or not. So good to be associating w/ people who do things instead of sit around for hours playing the "What do you wanna do" game. I've needed this.

By the next meeting I was arriving & leaving on my own - drawn like a crazed moth to the flame.

So Memorial Day weekend I participated in Primer with them. Primer is the event before THE Event. It is the prototyping/generally mucking about version of Recycled Rainbow proper which will take place in September. Katelynn was there with me - that is I offered her cheap camping & fun & she took it. I think she fell in love with things like I did but I'm just speculating. Katelynn brought the giant 18month old Rottie named Coffee with her - so I helped w/ aunty duties throughout the weekend, I love that dog, and for a cat person like me to say that you know the animal is pretty damned special. We, Katelynn, Tyger, Coffee & I had the best walk along the railroad tracks. I loved getting to know everyone there so much closer. Late night fire talks, early rising to conversations around the campfire/ashes. I loved the sleeping in a tent again (the first time since I was in highschool). I loved setting up my lil area. I have definite ideas for RR this fall. I gave up fixing people on the ground & random chairs & set up my table in the pavilion giving me quick access to sorting out hip & back issues. With all the building going on (24' domes, 8' platforms, Metamorphasis) it was easier for me to fix than watch people in pain all weekend. I loved the music & the sights. I even loved the constant train traffic. The names of the participants are etched on my brain & heart & I am not gonna bore you with all of the moments unless they pop up later in my writing.

I'm still in process. I'm still sorting out how & what this all means. Bare with me while I do this.

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