Fuck McDos

i still have nightmares about a certain classmate (Jon) in highschool sitting in French class trying to act cooler than the average kid by adding the hard {a} sound to end of words & only succeeding in pissing off the French teacher & grating on my nerves.  AND NOW fucking McDonalds has an entire ad campaign centered on the idea that adding the sound to the end of words makes them "special" - I want to kill the ad guys/gals that came up with that one.  Slowly.  very very slowly.


Indychick said...

Where on earth did you find such a disturbing/fucked up/strangely awesome pic??

Jezcabelle said...

It is totally photoshopped - but I do have an eye for such things - seriously I have files chock full of images that speak to my soul - I figure McDonalds & Jon deserve this one.

Indychick said...

BTW...I finally saw that commercial. I don't blame you for the pic, that ad is super obnoxious. I was trying to find word to end with an "A" just to be funny, but it just made it worse.