Oh the babies...

So I am at homehome for Easter (Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!) And I spent time on the way home with Morrigan - oh my goodness she is big, and sweet, so sweet. And right now I just finished feeding Reese - also big, and despite reports that she is now disliking strangers, she loves me and has been smiling and giggling at me since she got here last night. Smelling all babylike cause they are both only 4 months and 6 days old, still on breast milk and lil formula/smooshed foods. It is so nice to see my mom turn into a cuddly ball of mush when she is taking care of Reese. I just thought I would share - the babies are wonderful, and seeing Iamys, Ian, and Damien last night in Toledo was wonderful. Today I get to see Rylee my niece, and I can't hardly wait.

My sisters: Mandy (the middle one) looks great for just having had a second kid. and Liz looks amazing, her hair is not what she would prefer, but she looks healthy and is feeling pretty good, that is really all I can ask for right now. The wedding is so close, and of course I am dealing with the fact that I am going to be going alone. grrrrrrrrrrr... only consolation is that I look hot in my dress & my Laurie/Shawn & Caitlin are all gonna be in town for it.


Anonymous said...

what your not excited to see my graduate :-P

Jezcabelle said...

I am excited to see your graduation, but the wedding is first... FIRST!!! & I get to see you here then. ];-}