Meandering thoughts this full moon

So I had the best loooong talk today w/ Ira - yes Ira I sd your name. We talked about sex and relationships and the general hardships I find going about the Bachelor Hunts, year after year of the same guys - even when they alter slightly. The same lines about sex - what they are up for, where they have been and where they are willing/interested in going. & of course the worst of it for me wanting to find a stable, safe, loving relationship, in which to resume a healthy sex life. Basically it boils down to wanting to find a future with someone that includes a sexual component, but that searching based on that component leads no where good - because guys get the idea that I am all about sex right this minute. & if you know me by now, I am not. I wax romantical here often, because I can. As Roxy Carmichael says,"It's good to want things." I'm interested in Bachelor (3: 2007), but I can't get a read on whether he is really a grown up or if he is stuck as a perpetual 10 year old.

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