And now this

There are 3 bachelors in the runnings, 1 I met last wknd - quite enjoyable, I certainly liked him (not saying to marry/fuck/spend the rest of my life with, but like maybe nonetheless), Other one I ended up not being able to get together with last wknd - still waiting to reschedule prolly this week/end, and the third is a random over the phone so far which I can't say anything about 2ยบ to the fact that his profile is magickally unavailable to look at - leads to a lot of 1 sidedness - grrrrrrr. Anyway - maybe I'll end up w/ someone to kiss on New Year's - that'd be nice, very nice. Then again - I would really just like to make out with someone I am attracted to. mmmmmm kissing. That sounds really niiice.

Liz is stable, the babies and mommies are grand.

More fey porn should be arriving this week (mmmm Laurell K Hamilton's latest Merry Gentry novel)

My work schedule has altered slightly - now 8am starts across the board.

I am breathing if only for a moment - I can't wait to get home for the holiday.

And then there is the sweet smell and taste of vanilla from cow dung - Oh Hell Yes!!!

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