Just So We Are Clear...

It was brought to my attention over the weekend that people seem to think my writings about the Most Selfish Man on Earth are about the demise of a Relationship, a Romantic Relationship, a boifriend/girlfriend Relationship. I assure it is not. It is in fact about recognizing the manipulations and lies I tolerated during the course of a friendship, a (small r) relationship. It has cost me friends, it has cost me people I cared about. I am happier than I ever was while friends with this man. My emotions are no longer being played like a yoyo at his every whim and need for attention. I am joiful that it is over, that I never have to contend with his lies again. It took so long for me to recognize many of his tricks that they were happening all the way back during what he described as our Relationship (capital R), that ended over 8 months ago.

I just thought I would be clear on that. I still feel utterly used by him and my disgust with him is pretty strong. I'm also not saying that everyone on Earth sees him as a useless piece of garbage, a selfish, self-centered, self-important, lying, manipulative asshole. However that is exactly what he was to me.

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