Can this week be less mixed up?
1 moved desk @ work - now very isolated from the coworkers doing my job = sucks
1a rumors of good things happening moving me forward @ work
2 assisted a friend go into an inpatient psych program that the friend is afraid of
2a less worry now that I know that friend is safe from hurting self
3 sore achey body from assisting friend move
3a friend is almost all moved = Joi!
4 I am exhausted & sore & just a wreck
4a I am alive, thank God I'm alive.
5 I miss my dad tween Fatherless Day & his birthday this week I just miss him
5a there is no upside to that one, sorry
Wants: rest & peace & to be held for a good long time - please leave me notes & we'll set up times & dates & locations.

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