on Fatherless Day

Alone this year - very very alone.  

Not complaining just acknowledging.  I miss my dad.  His birthday passed this week unnoticed by anyone but me.  That's all I got.


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Indychick said...

My father & I disagree on SEVERAL items in life, marriage, babies, jobs, etc. Despite my deep resentment of his actions and/or statements (ie, "This is my SECOND daughter), situations like your own remind me how very lucky I am to still have him with me.

As the Alzheimer's & Parkinson's(NOT a factor in the 2nd daughter thing I must add, he just truly doesn't know where I rank in with his 2nd wife's girls) set in I find myself eager to spend more time with him, just the 2 of us, before his mind goes the way of his own father's. I notice little lists taped all over the house reminding him of everyday things such as turn off stove, & lists of items he needs to take with him; keys, wallet, notebook, cell phone. Perhaps I see more of it because I saw more of his father toward the end than my brothers did. Perhaps I just spend more 1 on 1 time with him than they do. Every year when Father's Day comes around, I think of you & realize how fortunate Charlie, TJ, & I are to still have our father, and I remind myself to not take the for granted. I learned a few years ago that I can't hold on to the anger & bitterness. Otherwise, before long all I will have is anger & bitterness, & he'll be gone.

I am sorry you feel alone. I remember your dad very well & can't imagine what this day truly feels like. But I love you very much & hope you feel better knowing that it makes me all that more aware of how little time we really have.