You wanna know

Why the economy is so fucked up.
BECAUSE 10 cents is not a dollar.
BECAUSE 25 cents is not a dollar.
BECAUSE 75 cents is not a dollar.
When you walk into my office & you have a copay - you needs to pay your fucking copay. YOU needs to pay YOUR fucking copay. I AM NOT EXPECTED TO PAY YOUR FUCKING COPAY JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A JOB. Certainly not without a thank you.

So this bitch comes in to my desk today, and I ask how she would like to pay her copay today & she throws a twenty dollar bill onto the desk. Then she begins counting out the singles & realizes she has only 4 dollars. Her copay is $25. NOT $24. I offer that she can pay via credit/debit card or check & she insists that she wants to pay via cash. As I am making a copy of her card she then informs me that she has 89 cents & that will just have to do. So I supposed to accept $24.89 in lieu of the $25 she owes to see the doctor today - You know that I don't work in an office that handles any sort of emergent cases therefore this is not life or death. The bitch (& I didn't start thinking of her as a bitch until this point) says it will just have to do & goes & sits down. Not a word of thank you, or hey, I'm having a problem could you help me out, or blushing that she didn't have enough asking in any way for assistance. NOPE NADA. FUCK THAT SHIT. So the 11 cents came out of my pocket & I'm pissed. not because I helped someone - but because the fucking bitch's sense of self-entitlement was palpable. I wanted to punch her & be like, I'm sorry that was for the 11 cents. I'm not free bitch.


Indychick said...

When I was in pizza we ran into that shit ALL THE TIME. We told them the damn total on the fucking phone when they ordered, then you get there & they don't have enough money. They just EXPECT you to change the price to suit whatever they have, not even considering the fact that the driver will have to pay for it. If you don't have enough money for all your food, I'm not giving you all your food. TOUGH SHIT. I sometimes wonder if the people who walkout on their bills @ the restaurant know that the server has to pay for that tab. They probably do know, & just don't care. Unfortunately, your position doesn't allow you to deduct 11 cents worth of services...LOVE YOU

Jezcabelle said...

you've met me - just wait til the bitch wants to schedule...hmmmmm 5 months out i believe is our next available appointment.