Back on the roller coaster


Update from mom: the mds looked again and consulted eachother about her scope and all the pics they have taken of her innards, and they are "very concerned" about the location of the larger "lesion" (formerly referred to as growth). It is the one that was bleeding and located too close to the pancreas for comfort. For those of you keeping score phrases like "stomach cancer", "pancreatic cancer" and metastasized are coming up with more frequency. Her hemoglobin is about a 9.9, and they have determined that she will not be allowed to go to Columbus by car, she now has to be taken by ambulance. Once there and they do the other scope they should be able to needle biopsy the growths/lesions/whatever they are referring to them as. Oh, and just for fun they noticed that there is a cyst on her right ovary.

Happy fucking holidays - I've already puked 2ce today. In honor of her.

A long long time ago (ok not so long ago) at my dad's last x-mas my baby sister and parents and I went to morning mass together. After mass we hung around and noticed my mom tearing up while talking to some of the other parishioners. Liz and I asked what the hell was going on, and were informed that my dad's cancer was back, and we were waiting on Fr Tony to perform the anointing of the sick on dad. We all cried. In the car on the way back Liz came up with the perfect comment: " You know being in this family is like riding a roller coaster, no matter how many times you puke they won't let you off."

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Emiller said...

Wow, yes, we are this rollercoaster again. This time I am seeing things differently like dad. He was the track, now I am the track. What happens with my illness now decides how many times everyone has to puke. The only difference is that I am seeing things from a different angle. I see all the people there to wipe your hair out of your face and hold it while you hurl, I see everyone waiting with cold rags to put on your forehead. I see that the ride goes on forever, and I see how lucky I am to have a sister, a mom, another sister, a fiance, and many others who would puke for me in my place if they could. Let me tell you how much easier it is to be the track than the rider. I love you Jescause, and I am sorry that this is the ride you have to take for me. That is what sucks about family, you don't GET ON the ride, you get ruffeed, drunk, and wake up on the ride.